Part 1:

With the transfer deadline passing, Joe, Jack, Si and a surprise late appearance from WIll, take a big swing at the players who will make difference across Europe this season. They pick their top signings and assess who did the best business with Saul, Sabitzer, Lookman all finding new clubs before the closing of the fabled transfer window. We close part one with as sober assessment of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United as we look to ensure parity in how he is currently being framed by the media, in light of the Katherine Mayorga case.

Part 2:

We each take a topic of the season so far and yes Joe chooses Spurs, but the other guys are not so predictable. Love for Rafa’s Everton, Moyes, Antonio and the Hammers, and the saddest story ever told as Barca’s firesale is laid bare.

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