In a new series, celebrating the brilliant and iconic football teams that have graced pitches across the globe, Jimmy and Jack settle in and bring us a recount of the Brazil 2002 World Cup squad and their journey towards greatness. The year is 2002, the setting, South Korea and Japan, Nike football videos ruled the airwaves, and Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho along with a truly superb supporting cast are about to take the football world by storm.

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03.07.2021. Floodlights, Night life, Stadium Rife
Jadon Sancho : Mr Double Double
03.06.2021 Floodlights,Night Life, Stadium Rife
02.05.2021. Absolutely Steve.
24.09.20. Havertz Shaped Box
27.08.20. Tuchel, Tuchel Vision

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