In a Friday special, Joe, Will and Simon cram in the final weekend of activity across Europe’s big leagues. La Liga goes to the wire with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid both vying for the title, we ponder the merits of this Simeone rebuild and ask where Zidane will go.

Ligue 1 sees Lille and PSG separated by a point, and this week Will gets to wax lyrical about this delightful crop of players with Simon breaking down Galtier’s defensive style.

With the title sewn up in the Premier League, and Man Utd sitting comfortably in second, all eyes are on the final Champions League spots with Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester all in contention.

We close the show with a look back at the F.A Cup as Simon shares his joy of crowds at a game, the importance of the cup, and that goal by Tielemans on full volume, over and over again. Joe insists that Kaspar Schmeichel is both underrated and better than his Dad; neither Will or Simon are having it.

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