The Euros are over, and after needing a few days to reflect and gather ourselves, we are back with our final thoughts on a superb tournament. Joe, Will and SImon come together to discuss the merits of this England and what we can look forward to for next year’s World Cup in Qatar.

In Part 2 we nail down the best XI for the tourney, as Will uses a crowbar sized shoehorn to get his team over the line ans Simon and Joe make demands over Pogba’s inclusion.

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03.07.2021. Floodlights, Night life, Stadium Rife
Jadon Sancho : Mr Double Double
03.06.2021 Floodlights,Night Life, Stadium Rife
15.06.20. Jurgen and the Pacemakers.
11.01.22. Stopira! Hammer Time.
22.10.2020 Vigil van Dijk